How to Download Torrents

How to Download Torrent Files / Links ?

It's all out there on the internet—movies, TV, music, software, books, photos, and more. If you want it, it's easy to get. There are many ways to download all of that for free, and Torrent streams are arguably the most popular way to do it. This article will show you how to find download torrent links and how to download anything using torrent.

Steps :

1.Download µtorrent or Bit torrent.
2.Install µtorrent or Bit torrent in your system.
3.Now search Torrent links.

a) search in Google any file what you want to download
ex : if you want to download Titanic movie ,search “Titanic movie Torrent links download”.
b) search torrent files in given below Torrent sites.

4. Click on “Get this Torrent” or “Download Torrent”.


Note : some Ads,spams,Popup links will  appear as Download,Watch Now,Play now.see above pic.Don’t click them at all.

Tip : Mostly a real Torrent File Download link should have
magnet   internet,link like symbols.

5.Now a window will appears and ask you like below.
tor 2
6.Click Ok. can save this file at your Target or any folder and can named that file.
8.once again click Ok.
That’s It..!

Major Process have completed.

you can see your Downloading,downloaded
files and other info. at here.torre 3tor 3
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